Timber Casement Windows

Timber casement windows

If you want to combine the traditional style of windows with the modern trendy fashion of windows, you must go for the Timber casement windows. They not only provide you the best way to have an airy interior but they are also very cheap and convenient to use. Like all other casement windows, different materials can be used for its manufacture but timber is the most preferred one. For all those out there who are confused about the choice of an appropriate casement window, here are some points which may help to make the decision. 

Timber casement windows and reliability

Timber windows are normally considered more reliable and long lasting. The reason being the wood is properly seasoned consuming less energy and it strength is unmatchable. Therefore the use of timber for making these windows is very common. Moreover, they are reliable in that they are recyclable and can be processes easily. This is the basic advantage you can get by having these windows. The sustainability of the wood ensures optimum protection at the time of fast cool breeze and rainfall as they do not break easily.

Timber casement windows and Space 

Timber casement windows are to take less space. Since they open on the outside of the building, you can easily utilize the space available in your room. It also provides you the opportunity to have a clear view of whatever is happening outside. This is one of the most admired features for the users because people like to enjoy their evenings sitting next to their window panes. 

Timber casement windows and ventilation

Windows are supposed to be in a direction that the cool breeze may easily be caught. This purpose is fulfilled in the best manner if you have the timber casement window I your room. Like all other casement windows, it has the sash which serves as a guide for the breeze and the cool breeze straight comes into the room. This makes your interior fully ventilated even if you are living in some congested area. Moreover, it also saves you the extra electricity bills as there is less consumption of air conditioning and you can enjoy the natural coolness of the weather.

Timber casement windows and security

One should be careful while choosing the timber windows because security of your house is an important factor and the casement windows are the best for the purpose. The timber casement windows have the embedded lock in their frames. This reduces the chances of being attacked through your windows. The reliable lock system ensures the optimum security of your belongings. For the same reason, most of the people are fond of having the casement windows fixed in the walls which are exposed to the outside. 

Timber casement windows and maintenance

Most of the casement windows are known to be easy to maintain. Especially the timber casement windows can be cleaned using plain water and any normal cleaning agent. You can simply clean the space between the Timber casement windows and the sash to clean. 

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