Timber Joinery: The Perennial Favourite

Since the Industrial Revolution, a number of natural and man made materials have been used as replacements for timber joinery products. Whilst some of them do have some advantages over timber, nothing yet has been able to replace timber. There’s just something about natural timber that makes...
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Written by Rob Schneider

Interior Designing with Timber Doors

From front door designs to patio timber bifold doors and all the timber detailing in between, timber and interior design go hand-in-hand. While a fresh coat of paint is the cheapest way to improve the appearance of an interior, timber doors and windows are arguably the most cost-effective way to...
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Written by Rob Schneider

Timber Carpentry and Joinery is Tops

Architecture and Design magazine reports that the World's tallest timber building 'tops out' in Melbourne. According to the article, the 32 metre, 10 storeys tall Forté residential building at the edge of Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour has been constructed entirely out of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), a timber building product that has the structural strength of concrete and steel.  All the timber used in the project came from managed forests. According to estimates, using this material reduces carbon emissions by 1,400 tons as compared to using concrete and steel. This is a point Allkind Joinery has been making for years: timber windows and doors are better for the environment than aluminium, which harms the environment during the smelting process. read more hers

Some Safety Tips for Home Renovators


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Some Safety Tips for Home Renovators

Allkind Joinery & Glass Brisbane has been in business since 1970 and its roots go even further back. As home renovation specialists, the experts at Allkind are well aware of the unsafe building materials that were used in the past and the precautions homeowners need to take when renovating…

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Combine Style and Energy Efficiency with Timber Windows

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Combine Style and Energy Efficiency with Timber Windows

Studies have shown that environmentally inefficient windows are responsible for as much as 40 percent of a home’s heat loss in the winter months. This translates into a similar increase in home heating costs and energy usage. Things don’t get much better in summer, either, since the wrong…

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Bifold Doors Open Your Home to the Great Outdoors

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Bifold Doors Open Your Home to the Great Outdoors For generations, Australians have relied on sliding glass doors to provide access to their patios, back yards and decks. These were certainly an improvement over standard doors and in some cases they are still the ideal choice. However, if you really want to open your home to the great outdoors,…

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Visit the Allkind Joinery Brisbane Showroom for Renovation Inspiration

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Visit the Allkind Joinery Brisbane Showroom for Renovation Inspiration

Browsing through the photo galleries on the Allkind Joinery Brisbane website will give you plenty of inspiration, but nothing can beat the “hands-on” experience of visiting their showroom. It is there that you will not only be able to see their timber…

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Doors Made In Solid Timber

At a glance, it doesn’t look like solid timber doors would be that hard to build in comparison with other cabinet making projects. While it’s true that a door is not as complex as, say, a Chippendale chair, only a master cabinet maker knows what it takes to build solid timber doors that will last a lifetime.

Solid Timber Door Frames

Without going into excessive detail, solid timber door frames are basically made up of just two components: rails and stiles. The rails are the horizontal lengths of timber that attach to the vertical stiles. They can be fixed to the stiles using one of 3 methods:
    Timber Doors
  1. Dowels can be inserted into the rails and stiles to form a joint. This is only recommended for smaller cabinet doors and even then is not the best method to use.
  2. Blind (or stopped) mortise and tenon joints are made by machining rectangular (or rounded rectangular) cavities partially through the stiles and then machining a tenon (or “tongue”) to fit into the cavity. This type of joint is sufficient for smaller solid timber doors.
  3. The ultimate joint for solid timber entry doors and other large doors is the through mortise & tenon joint. In this case, the mortise extends all the way “through” the stile and the tenon fills the entire gap, giving the largest possible surface area for the strongest possible joint.
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Brisbane the worlds fastest growing mature city

Brisbane City On The Move 
 Those who call Brisbane home don’t need to be convinced that it’s a great place to live, but even they might be surprised to learn that Brisbane has been singled out as the world’s fastest growing mature city. The news comes as no surprise to Allkind Joinery Brisbane, though. Since 1970, Allkind has been offering prestige joinery products in Brisbane. Having weathered the boom times and the tough times in Brisbane’s history, the company is now seeing a surge in sales of its Renovator’s Range of quality solid timber doors.

While the apartment building boom of the first years of the century was responsible for much of Brisbane’s inner city growth, a distinct trend today is first home buyers looking for inner city homes and cottages to renovate. New Farm, Brisbane’s most densely populated suburb, is an attractive location because of its many Art Deco era buildings, but home buyers are also seeing the potential in East Brisbane. According to the Property Observer, workers cottages in East Brisbane are being snapped up by first home buyers and investors in rental properties. A little further out of the CBD, post WWII homes in Camp Hill and Corparoo are also enjoying a renaissance, thanks to first home buyers and investors looking for 3 bedroom homes on large blocks of land.

Why Brisbane is Booming

Ideal climate and beautiful location on the Brisbane River aside, much of Brisbane’s growth can be attributed to offshore investors, who see a bright future for Brisbane as a hub for international trade. According to a study by Jones Land LaSalle reported in Brisbane Marketing, the forecast for Brisbane is for an annual growth rate of 5%. Only Singapore, Austin (Texas) and Hong Kong come close to that projected rate of growth.
While the bulk of the offshore investment in Brisbane is focused on commercial real estate, the prognosis is also good for Brisbane residential property buyers and investors – if they know how to take advantage of it. In the past, the trend was to build and buy in the Brisbane suburbs. Since 2001, though, the trend has reversed. Today, the fastest growing suburbs in Brisbane are inner city suburbs. The populations of Newstead and Fortitude Valley exploded during the first decade of the 21st century and the trend continues, with 3 out of 5 of the fastest growing suburbs in Brisbane being older inner city suburbs. Read original article here

Advantages of Timber Bifold Windows & Doors in Home Restoration Projects

Timber bifold windows exude elegance and style as compared to those made from PVC. You will appreciate the natural beauty of timber, as it gives your home a warm and cozy ambience.

Timber: Stylish and Reliable Material

Windows and doors made from timber are highly customizable. You can also design the doors and windows, so these would blend excellently with the existing items in your home.

If you live in an area where the weather can be extremely cold or warm, you should consider using timber windows or doors. Timber does not rust or break easily, unlike other construction materials. You can expect years of quality and durability when you use timber instead of PVC.

Benefits Of Using Timber Windows and Doors

If you plan to renovate your home, consider using wooden doors or timber bifold windows for superb durability and impressive appeal. The following are among the numerous benefits of choosing timber doors and windows for your home renovation project.

- Timber is durable and sturdy.

A wooden door and timber bifold window have outstanding structural properties. When there is a need for repairs, you will have more ease in fixing and retaining the good quality of timber door or window than the PVC alternatives.

- Timber is ideal for environment-conscious individuals.

Wooden windows appeal to most buyers who care for the environment because of the sustainability of the material. The timbers utilized in the manufacturing industry obtain accreditations to ensure buyers that these come from reputable sources. You can be certain that the timbers used in making your door and windows do not have a major impact on the environment.

- Timber comes with a traditional and homey vibe.

If you prefer to give your home that homey and country feel, timber windows make the excellent option. Heritage areas use timber because of the traditional appearance of the wood. You can also choose from a wide variety of heritage window styles that will look great on your home.

Timber is a great option because it comes with the following features:

- Sophisticated appearance

Timber windows and doors can be used with modern techniques that will give these an interesting appeal. While there are new methods applied to timber, you can also go for the traditional and natural look of timber.

- Compatible with a wide range of finishing

Constructors can use numerous types of finishes for timber depending on the one that is appropriate for your home. They may paint timber to maintain the durability of the material.

- Security features

Another remarkable feature of timber is that it can fit perfectly in the models of windows used in your home. You no longer have to worry about security, as long as you use the right size and style of timber window and door.

Timber is a high quality material that you can use when you need to renovate your home. Make sure that you consult a professional when you need to choose the right kind and size of timber for windows or door.

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The Advantages of Selecting Timber Windows When Repairing Your Home

Timber windows will definitely inspire any sort of homeowner as they feature an organic charm and also that sleek quality. Nowadays, these kinds of windows are being used in multitudes, in several types of structures and designs.

When it concerns total style as well as performance, timber windows are obtainable in a large array of models, which range from bifold windows, sliding windows, casement windows to French windows and numerous more styles. Irrespective of their model, timber windows will certainly supply a sophisticated look to the property or workplace structure where they will be installed. What makes timber an ideal product for windows is the fact that it could be broken in different manners and shaped without much difficulty. In addition, the repairs and maintenance process will certainly not cause significant problems. Older windows that are made from timber could be re-sanded and smoothed so as to make them look as good as new. Timber windows are known to be rather resilient. and if in need of minor repairs they will certainly not include major expenses to fix.

If you want the replacement of your present timber windows, it will definitely not be a complication at all. Replacing them will be done rather very easy and the price will definitely not be high. Timber is a long enduring product and is much less expensive than others. Because of this, the requirement for this material is continuously growing and so is the variety of companies that make timber doors and also windows. Therefore, the competitors in this market is high, and because of this, customers benefit from this with greater competition meaning lower costs as well as more significant attempt placed into delivering high quality products.

New Renovator Range from Allkind Joinery & Glass

Allkind Joinery has just released an off the shelf "Renovators Range" of timber doors and windows, still bring you the quality that they have always enjoyed but at a lower price. Visit their new showroom to check out the various styles of available timber windows and doors.

Timber Window Advantages

The wonderful advantages of this sort of windows are their structural properties. Timber wood is produced to withstand a more significant degree of wear than PVC. This is exactly what makes it a perfect substitute. In addition, windows constructed from timber could be fixed a lot simpler than their PVC equivalents. Plus, PVC windows have the tendency to draw in more dirt and also filth than the timber ones. You can pertain to the last as a smart long-term financial investment. Aluminium does not have the insulation properties as good as wood and timber helps with the overall energy effeciency of a home or dwelling

Timber windows have splendid aesthetic qualities, which remain unrivaled by windows made out of PVC or aluminium. Timber can be varnished and the wood grain properties will certainly still remain intact. Additionally, windows made of timber are a wonderful alternative for those who are environmental conscious also, as timber is a renewable resource and naturally. Your mind will definitely be put at ease once you learn that your windows induce little damages to the environment.

Last but not the very least, windows constructed from timber are a prompted option for those that aspire to repair an old heritage building. They will handle to protect the type and the feel of the structure due to their conventional image.

Now that you recognize the main advantages of timber windows, you can easily make an informed choice, as far as your home renovating plans are concerned, to enjoy your new windows for many years to come.